Tink and Tonic


  • A good glug (about 50ml) of Rose Gin by Tinkture 

  • 200ml bottle of Fever Tree Tonic - classic full fat 

  • Lots of ice 

  • A slice of fresh pear or a twist of unwaxed lemon peel. - it just depends on your mood 


You know the drill, a classic G&T. Fill your glass (we like heavy whiskey tumblers) with ice and add your measure of Rose Gin. Pour over the tonic, see the gold turn to pink, gently stir and garnish according to mood. 

We dance on the side of restraint when it comes to garnishing Rose Gin. Keep it simple to savour the delicate and subtle flavours. 

We often get asked about the best tonic to use, and how much. There are so many interesting and varied tonics that it can be difficult to chose. We find the original Fever Tree Indian tonic (not the light version) is a great complement and starting point. From there let your own preference guide you – explore and enjoy the journey! 


Photo by: John Hersey