Our Classic Organic Gin Range

A delightfully Light, delicate Gin with a hint of Citrus. The Juniper and Coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a Golden amber that Changes to beautiful Pink when mixed with tonic. A classic ‘London Dry’ style Gin, with one key purpose...“ to let the Rose sing!”

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Organic Cornish Gin

Crafted using the finest organic ingredients Rose Gin is our first product, a delicious accident. Made using fresh organic, David Austin roses from a certified organic farm, in the South West of England and distilled by hand in copper pot stills on the Cornish coast. It's a pink gin you just have to try!

Tinkture is the result of a personal journey into the provenance of alcohol and the best way to keep our bodies healthy on a night out. Looking for an answer, that is how my experiments began into cleaning up alcohol.
— Hannah Lamiroy, Tinkture's Founder

FAQs About Our Organic Cornish Gin

+ How is Organic Gin distilled?

Our Rose Gin is made in a very traditional manner ( some call it ‘London dry Gin’ style) . It is distilled in Copper Alembic Stills. Essentially you heat up a giant pot of special ‘soup’, which contains exact amounts of botanicals and alcohol, as this mixture heats up, the alcohol and flavours evaporate, they then make their way to the condenser, where this heady cloud condenses and returns to it’s liquid state. Once you remove or ‘cut’ the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ ( the first and last part of the distillate – usually associated with unpleasant flavours) you are left with the ‘heart’ of the spirit… the best, smoothest, most flavourful part of the distillation… the part that becomes Rose Gin.

+ Where is your Cornish Gin Made?

Our Gin is Distilled in Penzance on the Cornish Coast.

+ What does Rose Gin taste like?

Rose Gin has a completely unique flavour profile. It is a London dry style gin, light and delicate, with a hint of citrus. Juniper and Coriander are the key ‘Gin’ tasting notes that provide a gentle depth and warmth. Yet the secret lies in our main ingredient – our fresh, organic, David Austin Rose petals. Unlike it’s all too often portrayed caricature , the true flavor of a rose is light, subtle, dry and beguiling. Our Rose Gin is an ethereal stroll through an English garden in bloom – it is a childhood spent amongst the flowers.

+ What ingredients are in Rose Gin?

Really! You know you can't ask us that!! Actually the secret is very simple. We only use the finest, fully certified organic ingredients for our gin - you know - the usual suspects - juniper, coriander, angelica, orris, lemon and orange peel - and the real secret is simply the variety and closely guarded secret blend of David Austin rose petals. They are grown in the south west of England by our friend Jan at Maddocks farm, and they are seasonal. They change with the nuances of our English weather and they are delicate - which is why we had to be really careful with our other botanicals - to ensure we did not over power our star of the show!

+ How should I serve my Gin?

We like our gin simple and clean. So, we would suggest you try our classic –‘TINK AND TONIC’ – It all starts with the glass, we love our Rose Gin served in a heavy, cut glass tumbler then a good 30ml slug of Rose Gin poured over plenty of ice, a slice of fresh pear or a ribbon and twist of un-waxed lemon rind, a solid splash of a quality tonic, like original Fever Tree (we tend to steer away from low carb, low sugar or flavoured tonics) and you’re set. Simple, clean and beautiful… Easy!

+ Are your products gluten free?

Yes, absolutely - in theory. Let us explain. We found that the purest, lightest and most organically certified alcohol is a wheat based alcohol, which we use for our Rose Gin. Distillation should remove all the harmful proteins that cause reactions in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Distillation actually vaporizes the pure alcohol, separating it from the non-alcoholic components of the grain mixture used to make that particular type of spirit, thus resulting in a gin way below the 20 parts per million threshold considered to be ‘wheat free’. However, the Celiac Support Association advises those with celiac disease to drink only alcoholic beverages that are not derived from gluten grains. ( Try potato based vodka and gin, or wine…) as some people with gluten sensitivity or celiac have reported gluten reactions from gin made with gluten grains. As such, if you are hyper sensitive to gluten we would recommend you proceed with a bit of caution – have a small Rose Gin, see how you feel before fully committing.

+ Are your products vegetarian/vegan?

Yes – absolutely … no animals were harmed in the creation of our elixir.

+ What size bottles are available?

Rose Gin comes in 50ml ( little guys – miniatures) , 500ml, 1000ml and the giant 2000ml. It should be noted that our 500,1000,2000 ml bottles come in a choice of ‘wide mouth’ ( or re-use) or ‘narrow mouth’(classic) bottles, depending on what aesthetic and functionality style you prefer. We also offer a 500ml ‘Refill Pouch’ – to top up empty bottles, in order to reduce our environmental impact ( and save you money )!