Rose Lillet


  • 1 70ml of Rose Gin by Tinkture  (don’t panic this not a recipe for a solo session - it serves 4)

  • 340ml of Lillet Rose 

  • 340ml of Pink grapefruit juice 

  • Lots of ice 

  • A handfull of edible flower blossoms to garnish 


Fill a classic teapot with ice. Add all the ingredients, put the lid on firmly (maybe cover the spout with a thumb) then swirl, stir, shake, shimmy or rumble until chilled.

If you are the superstitious type then remember to turn the teapot anti clock wise 3 times. 

Pour into your champagne coupes and finish with a garnish of edible flowers. 

Serve immediately (with friends). 

The only place for organic edible flowers is simply Jan at Maddocks Farm Organics she is the custodian of our precious Roses – and we love her. 


Photo by: Ross Talling