Negroni Week is here... and what a beautiful night at Watchful Mary's launch party!!!


Happy Negroni week friends! Its not only Negroni Week but it is also the 100 year anniversary of the Negroni cocktail.

The story goes a little like this - The history tells that the Count, tired of the usual American’s happy hour cocktails (still composed by Vermouth Cinzano and Bitter Campari), asked to the barman Fosco Scarselli a variant: the addition of gin, which was immediately successful also among the other visitors of the restaurant. And so, since then, that drink became for the other goers of Caffè Casoni, the Americano “in the Count Negroni’s way”, then called more simply Negroni.

If you haven’t already ordered your Negroni or Negroni Rosa then you better hurry these are limited edition and they are flying of the shelves!! or head to our cocktail page for the recipe


Watchful Mary launch - what an incredible evening. It was so lovely to be part of the official launch of what will surely become one of the most iconic of seaside venues. Such a beautiful spot, fantastic food, great music, lovely people and of course stunning cocktails! Here is a little teaser of the opening night - such a joy to be part of, and we will be back very soon!

Make sure you go and experience it for yourself… you never know - if you time it right you might even catch a glimpse of that elusive green flash!