Negroni Week is here... and what a beautiful night at Watchful Mary's launch party!!!


Happy Negroni week friends! Its not only Negroni Week but it is also the 100 year anniversary of the Negroni cocktail.

The story goes a little like this - The history tells that the Count, tired of the usual American’s happy hour cocktails (still composed by Vermouth Cinzano and Bitter Campari), asked to the barman Fosco Scarselli a variant: the addition of gin, which was immediately successful also among the other visitors of the restaurant. And so, since then, that drink became for the other goers of Caffè Casoni, the Americano “in the Count Negroni’s way”, then called more simply Negroni.

If you haven’t already ordered your Negroni or Negroni Rosa then you better hurry these are limited edition and they are flying of the shelves!! or head to our cocktail page for the recipe


Watchful Mary launch - what an incredible evening. It was so lovely to be part of the official launch of what will surely become one of the most iconic of seaside venues. Such a beautiful spot, fantastic food, great music, lovely people and of course stunning cocktails! Here is a little teaser of the opening night - such a joy to be part of, and we will be back very soon!

Make sure you go and experience it for yourself… you never know - if you time it right you might even catch a glimpse of that elusive green flash!

Solving packaging problems with Flexi Hex...

Plastic sucks!

Broken bottles double suck!

Plastic inflated cushions protect bottles.

Traditional cardboard construction has expensive limitations.

Thankfully there is a better way forward

Protected bottles of gin are good!

Flexi-Hex Rules!


We are delighted to have teamed up with the talented brothers Boex at Flexi-Hex, to work on a more sustainable solution to our ongoing battle against shipping breakages. On our list of priorities our customers and the planet both rank rather highly.

We would like to look after both.

So using less plastic, embracing a more circular way of approaching things and keeping an eye out for interesting people and companies doing cool stuff that helps us become better, feels like a good thing to do.

Whenever you order a bottle of Tinkture online from us ( shop here ) , this is how it is packaged and shipped. It’s still not perfect, we can make it even better, but it feels like a step in the right direction.

Thank you for stepping with us!


Hannah X

45 Queen Street


Our first photo shoot at 45 Queen Street. If you want to have a go at creating these cocktail recipes featured in this photo, then here’s how.


It’s exciting times here at Tinkture HQ we have a new home, its a bit ramshackle I know, but home none the less and we love it! 45 Queen Street is an old industrial warehouse in the centre of Penzance, Cornwall.

Follw 45 Queen Street on Instagram


We have so many plans and ideas for this beautiful old warehouse, but you’ll just have to wait and see how these unfold. For now though it is such a lovely space to get creative and shoot, the light in this building is stunning.


We love this old industrial workbench… such great textures and tones.

Tinkture Rose Gin photo shoot with Work by Ali

Pre Order Negroni


We are so flattered that our extremely talented friends The Appletons have asked us to collaborate with them in making the most beautiful pre-mixed Negroni in the world.


So may we introduce you to Negroni Rosa, made from equal parts Organic Rose Gin, Quaglia Berto Bitter and Antica Quaglia Vermouth Berto Bianco. Drink this over plenty of ice, a good squeeze of fresh orange and a wedge of orange to serve… let the ice melt a little and the Negroni will do its thing. There is nothing quite like it, smooth, complex, balanced, silky and quite frankly bloody gorgeous.


And this handsome chap is Mr Negroni made from equal parts Caspyn Gin, Berto Bitter and Antica Quaglia vermouth Berto Rosso. Bitter, sweet and boozy… like most men.

Pre order Negroni just in time for negroni week!

Tinkture Out and About in Cornwall

One of the best parts of having your own product , your own company, your own brand, is that it allows you to go out and meet so many amazing, talented, lovely people doing inspiring things.

Over the last few days we visited some of our favourite corners in Cornwall. Here’s a little round up.

The world, as seen through the eyes of the first ever refill Barrel of our Rose Gin. It sits pride of place in the middle of the top shelf at The Mussel Shoal in Porthleven… what a way to spend your days!!

The world, as seen through the eyes of the first ever refill Barrel of our Rose Gin. It sits pride of place in the middle of the top shelf at The Mussel Shoal in Porthleven… what a way to spend your days!!

We have been super excited about getting a few Barrels of Rose Gin out into the world - it means there is less waste and they just look lovely - we delivered to The Mussel Shoal at Porthleven and to Watchful Mary at Watergate Bay. Both are stunning locations, where, on a high tide, you can drop (not even throw) a stone in the water from the balcony… the water is literally at your feet - too gorgeous! Here’s a couple of clips to show you what we mean! And they are run by amazing people!

The Mussel Shoal -

Watchful Mary -

We also went over to Tre Pol and Pen with the Native makers market. Creative people showcasing their talents in a serene, natural yet modern setting. Treat yourself and pay them a visit!

It’s lovely to see Tinkture front and centre on the golden sand at ‘Alcatraz’ at Perranporth - where the whole beach is jumping to ‘Tunes on the Dunes’ this weekend. We always thought John Newman was a class act with impeccable taste - now it’s just been confirmed!

John Newman likes Tinkture Rose Gin Tunes in the dunes 24-05-2019.jpg

Recently there was also a lovely interview in ‘The Gin Guide’ all about how Tinkture started and the journey behind Rose Gin.

Anyway - thought it would be nice to share a few bits and pieces and hopefully start doing this on a more regular basis -

love -

Hannah X

The Gin Guide

The Gin Guide - Member Badge.png

Tinkture are now proud members of the ‘The Gin Guide’

The Gin Guide and its industry expert, Paul Jackson, visit gin distilleries, gin bars and gin events across the world, individually tasting gins to provide concise, transparent and impartial reviews, tasting notes and garnish recommendations. Celebrating gins and the people behind them the Gin Guide is on a mission to discover and talk about new gins and ways to enjoy them.

See what Paul has to say about Rose Gin in his Editors Review and our Meet the Maker interview with our very own Rose Gin founder, Hannah Lamiroy, where she tells a story of all things gin, organic and Cornwall.

Finding your team


Choose your team wisely... i did... i'm married to one, he's contractually obliged to support and encourage and love me even when i'm an arse! and the other is my super mellow friend Shaun, our master distiller, who bloody loves food and booze, cooking and distilling, smells everything, constantly interested in whats growing around him and is quite frankly somebody Sam and i both love to bits... so that's us... Myself Hannah, Sam my man (the one in the backround) and Shaun my distiller and friend.