The Gin Guide

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Tinkture are now proud members of the ‘The Gin Guide’

The Gin Guide and its industry expert, Paul Jackson, visit gin distilleries, gin bars and gin events across the world, individually tasting gins to provide concise, transparent and impartial reviews, tasting notes and garnish recommendations. Celebrating gins and the people behind them the Gin Guide is on a mission to discover and talk about new gins and ways to enjoy them.

See what Paul has to say about Rose Gin in his Editors Review and our Meet the Maker interview with our very own Rose Gin founder, Hannah Lamiroy, where she tells a story of all things gin, organic and Cornwall.

Finding your team


Choose your team wisely... i did... i'm married to one, he's contractually obliged to support and encourage and love me even when i'm an arse! and the other is my super mellow friend Shaun, our master distiller, who bloody loves food and booze, cooking and distilling, smells everything, constantly interested in whats growing around him and is quite frankly somebody Sam and i both love to bits... so that's us... Myself Hannah, Sam my man (the one in the backround) and Shaun my distiller and friend.