The story of Rose Gin

The Rose Gin... I wasn't actually planning on creating a Rose Gin - I was really working on a rather different concoction (something we are still working on and very excited about but you will have to wait a moment until it's ready).  So, I was playing with flavours and fresh ingredients including English Roses - trying all sorts of different combinations, processes and distilling methods.

One of these recipes was quite simply beautiful. The taste was like nothing I had ever experienced before, the subtlety of the fresh Roses and the lingering warm caress of the gin - and then, when I mixed this strange Amber Golden elixir with tonic it revealed it's true colour - a delightful, exuberant pink!

It was just too good to ignore or put in the corner. So here it is - you've discovered my accidental classic. 

rose cluster.jpg

Tasting notes... First up - and this is important! The True nature of a Rose is delicate and complex. Not the concentrated, dried out, hyper bright, Sickly sweet, perfumed caricature we are subjected to by commercial onslaught.

Our Gin is a sensuous walk through a Garden in bloom - not a Brutal, floral punch to the senses.

Light, delicate, a hint of Citrus. The Juniper and Coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a Golden amber that Changes to beautiful Pink when mixed with tonic. A classic ‘London Dry’ style Gin, with one key purpose...“to let the Rose sing!”

Roses... We use a secret blend of Fresh, hand picked, English roses, all created by David Austin, grown with love, by a force of nature called Jan, on a small, Certified Organic farm, in the South west of England. Her knowledge and enthusiasm about genuine Organic farming is inspiring and infectious - as long as we follow her advice and guidance I think we'll be alright!