Introducing Rose Gin by Tinkture


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Our bottles are beautiful – designed to be used and reused for a lifetime. The Glass stopper, the custom seal and our very own ‘Spring Pull’ make them a work of art in their own right, too good to be thrown out once the gin is gone … but always ready to be filled up again too!

Alongside crafting the finest gin we possibly could, we also developed a more deliberate and considered way to package and distribute our products – by using a combination of re-usable glass bottles and refill pouches. Not only is this incredibly practical, better for our planet but also more cost effective – a saving we are happy to say we are passing onto you.


Today, we still use exactly the same method to hand distill all of our bottles of gin here on the coast, in Cornwall, as we did to make our very first one.

We only use David Austin, English roses organically grown and hand picked, just for us, in Devon.

As with anything natural we move with the seasons, producing Spring, Summer and Autumn vintages of our Rose Gin.

The Gin - light, delicate with a hint of citrus, the Juniper and Coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a golden amber that changes to beautiful pink when mixed with a quality tonic. A classic ‘London Dry’ style gin with one key purpose. To let the rose sing!

To login into the Tinkture Wholesale Shop use code – T1nk