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We are Tinkture

The Clean Alcohol company.

  • Our main aim is, and will always be, to make the best drinks we possibly can…

  • Created when our founder, Hannah Lamiroy, simply could not find the perfect drink she was searching for.

  • Driven by a passion to ‘Clean up alcohol’ - Hannah’s aim was to take out anything ‘nasty’ and make the cleanest, purest, most delicious spirits possible.

  • No artificial colours or flavours, no sweeteners, no chemicals, no concentrates or preservatives.

  • Crafted by hand, responsibly sourced and sustainably grown ingredients - produced with pride, conviction and love.

  • Being acutely aware that our planet is in trouble, we we strive to make the cleanest, most beautiful drinks in the world - and to achieve this without doing any unnecessary harm to our environment.

  • As a company we commit to being ethical, transparent, responsible and loyal to our customers.


Rose Gin

Our first product.

Simply like no other.

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  • All Rose Gin ingredients are entirely natural and 100% organic.

  • Our Rose Gin is certified Organic by the ‘Organic Food Federation’

  • We exclusively use Fresh, seasonal, hand picked David Austin* rose petals.

  • Our rose grower, Jan, was recently merited by the Soil Association with a BOOM Award, a recognition of her standing as one of the finest fresh organic producers in the UK.

  • All our botanicals are sourced from the most reputable and discerning Organic suppliers - ensuring full traceability and provenance - all the way through from petal to pour.

  • *David Austin Roses are simply unrivalled in the world of Roses. Since 1961, David Austin and his family have released a collection of over 200 new English roses, renowned and beloved around the world for their beautiful blooms and wonderful scent. As a firm favourite of the Queen and hardy gardeners alike - David Austin Roses epitomise the pinnacle of quality ingredients and passion.

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Seasonal & with nature

  • Our Rose Gin is hand crafted in Cornwall.

  • Small batches are patiently distilled in traditional alembic copper pot stills.

  • Because we only use Fresh (not dried or concentrated) organic rose petals in the distillation of Rose Gin, the flavour profile is unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted - capturing the true, delicate and complex nature of the Rose.

  • Our Rose Gin is an entirely natural, organic product.

  • As our Rose petals are picked by hand in limited batches throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn - there will be delightful nuances in the flavour profile as well as colour and scent.

  • Each season, each year will be different - which is why we refer to our batches as ‘Vintages’.

  • Rose Gin is very much a living, natural gin, one that will age with the seasons - the colour and flavour will change over time… exactly how we like it!

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Bottles, Boxes, Refills and the Planet!

  • As we stated, our aim is, and will always be, to make the best drinks we possibly can… But our planet is in trouble and we all need to figure out ways to reduce our negative impact.

  • We are constantly challenging ourselves to use the most responsible materials and innovative ways to get our drinks out into the world.

  • Our Rose Gin bottles have been a full-on challenge. We wanted to create true ‘bottles for life’. They are distinctive, beautiful and too good to simply be discarded or recycled. We have designed them to be re-used over and over again.

  • The different components of the bottle have been carefully considered - The glass stopper, the removable liquid seal, our unique ‘Spring Pull’ combine to give you endless options...

  • We want you to Re-Use and re-purpose the bottles. You can get refill pouches from us if you need a ‘top-up’ of gin, or get creative. Store, Brew, Ferment, Display, Protect …

  • Shipping and packaging - as you can imagine, sending glass bottles of liquid through the post is a rather frightening prospect - however the current standard of cheap, plastic bubble wrap and plastic inflated pillows is simply not good enough - so we have embraced the challenge to use recycled cardboard, and working together with companies like Flexi-Hex we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of packaging.

    Be inspired, and inspire others!

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Tasting Notes and Perfect Serves

  • Rose Gin is a London dry style gin, it is light and delicate, with a hint of citrus. Juniper and Coriander are the key ‘Gin’ tasting notes that provide a gentle depth and warmth.

  • Yet the secret lies in the Rose. We stripped away any and all distracting botanicals, so that in the end we were left with just 8 ingredients - all focused on allowing the ‘Rose to Sing’!

  • In the words of Antoine de Saint Exupéry “perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away”

  • Golden amber in colour, Rose Gin turns a beautiful pink when mixed with a quality tonic... and this, quite simply makes people smile.

  • Rose Gin is an instant classic. Served over plenty of ice for a memorable Gin and Tonic - for this we recommend using original, full fat, Fever Tree tonic for best results.

  • Garnish depending on your mood. Try a twist of Lemon peel for the classic, a slice of fresh Pear to explore the english garden or a slice of ripe Peach if you are feeling exotic!

  • Versatile as hell, Rose Gin is also fantastic in a Tom Collins, Negroni or Lilette - For more inspiration we have put together some ideas in our ‘Cocktails and Recipes’ booklet - have a look here - link- wearetinkture/recipes1

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"... we think your Rose Gin is wonderful."    David Austin

“… We were all a bit impressed by the Rose Gin, from the packaging to the bottle and then the gin itself… it is indeed a very well balanced gin.” Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

“Rose Gin has been one of the the most successful ever “Spirit of the Month” (December 2018) at Fortnums - our customers are flocking to buy it” Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly, London

We love nothing more than seeing what happens when inspiring and innovative Chefs cut loose and create sublime recipes and cocktails built around our Rose Gin - notoriously discerning, their support really means the world to us…

Gill Meller, Executive Chef River Cottage HQ (pictured top left), - “Absolutely delicious. Stunningly good. Clean, floral but not overly so, yet refreshing, light, deeply sophisticated and utterly moreish... a complete triumph!”

Andy Appleton, Head Chef Appletons at the Vineyard (pictured bottom left), “We just love your gin, it really is so delicious and makes the best ever Negronis!”

What a time we are living in… a couple of clicks and we are in the digital universe, populated by real, lovely people saying real, lovely things about our Rose Gin creation - especially on instagram!

“ Rose Gin… I drank it and loved it! The most stunning bottles… my drinks trolley is so much happier with Rose Gin on it … the packaging is beautiful, and your gin is perfect!“ @mother_of_daughters

“I got SO many messages about the Rose Gin. My review? It’s f*cking good!! IT’S SO GOOD! I could cry it’s so good.” @cigarettesandcalpol

Join the conversation - say hello @tinkture on Instagram .

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Let’s dance! Get in touch.

We are looking to spend some time with folks that we actually like - and if that means forging long term collaborative partnerships and supplying them with the finest drinks - well, good - amazing!

Be it bars with soul, restaurants with good food and class, exclusive retail outlets or hotels we actually feel comfortable in and pubs we want to loose nights in … we love working with good people that share qualities we admire-

...they have an interest in; organic produce, food and ingredient traceability, seasonal and natural ingredients. Provenance, sustainability - and support for local growers and producers - quality over margins at all cost.

...they are; independent, inspirational and appeal to an audience that sees it as the right choice to invest in organic, natural, local and quality produce. Their customers value the effort and skill that goes into making things exceptional.

...they may have; won awards or been credited with stars or rosettes, have high ratings on Trip Advisor (or not!). Recruited mixologists, sommeliers, chefs and bar managers who are at the top of their game. Or they may simply be described as ‘amazing’ by anyone who visits and people who know!

...they may be; trend setting, influential or known for their creative edge. Or they may simply do something better than anyone else!

Either way - if want to dance get in touch -



Our makers

‘Tinkture’ is so much more than the sum of it’s parts - and what fine parts they are! Our contributors and suppliers are what makes this adventure so special…

  • Jan Billington at Maddocks Farm Organics - our Organic blossoming hero! Who else would grow over 1000 organic David Austin rose bushes exclusively for us - loved, nurtured and cared for, wind, rain, sleet, snow, frost, braving it all to make Rose Gin the very best it can be.

  • Shaun Bebington at Pocketful of Stones Distillery - our inspiring head distiller, Hannah’s mentor and master of flavour! Not only supporting our ambitious endeavours but also opening up our eyes to a whole new world of beverages! A copper pot champion of the Still!

  • Sam and Will, the Boex brothers at Flexi-Hex … motivated by the challenge to create user friendly, well-engineered packaging using simple biodegradable materials, Sam and Will have created a reliable, adaptable alternative to single use plastics in packaging systems - and we salute them for it!



  • Early features-

  • Sunday Times -

  • Telegraph - Sunday 9/12/18 - Plastic free

  • Olive Mag

  • Specialist trade press - steel spring / local press

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